Meet The Morrisons

Shawn Morrison Jr.

The Eldest Morrison Sibling, Graduated from Nyack College.

Called "Junior" by Friends and Family he was an All Star Basketball Player throughout High School and College. Junior's work ethic and disciplines learned in sports make him a hands on Manager catering to any and all Staff feedback so that he manages effectively and diligently.

Upon Gradulation he took over the Flagship location of Nana Morrison's located at 2908 Oak Lake Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28208.

Junior was the first of his Siblings to set the way in Restaurant Leadership by becoming General Manager, focusing on Staffing, Quality Control, Inventory and Growth Innovations in order to make future locations as profitable.

Junior has continued to grow sales Year after Year at his location, as he looks forward to future expansions to utilize his Family's vision and fulfill his own Legacy of Growth and personal interests,

Hank Morrison

Recently graduated from High School in 2023. Hank has chosen to trail blaze further down South and open the first Location outside of the Charlotte, NC area, and in December of 2023 he will lead the opening of the 3rd and newest location at Tradition in Port St Lucie Florida at 10234 SW Meeting Street 34987.

Hanks willingness to expand further South and forge the Family Vision to bring new opportunities in growth has been a labor of love while he projects further expansions in the Florida area. Hank is focusing on creating Job opportunites in the Port St Lucie area while he is hands on in developing proof of concept in the State of Florida. He is driven by a desire to exact quality and focuses on the Consumer experience in order to expand the Family brand. Hank looks forward to expanding and growing within the Community. He enjoys engaging with people and sharing ideas for growth.

Gabriella Morrison

This Female powerhouse came up through the ranks growing up in the business and working both back and front of the house at a very early age. Showing an apptitude for numbers she's been doing Payroll since age 13.

So at age 16, her proficientcies became hard to ignore and her desire to have her own location lead to her becoming the General Manager of our latest location, which opened in 2023, located at 3824 Corning Place, Charlotte, NC 28216. "Gabby" as her Friends call her, loves to hang out with her Friends when not working and doubled up on School courses to Graduate early and took the helm at age 16 becoming the youngest Morrison to run her own location.

In addition to optimizing Payroll efficiencies between both locations, her back office management and organization skills, has allowed her to also focus on Marketing the future Growth of the Organization. She looks forward to optimizing the success of her current location and being instrumental in the developemnt of others.

Aaron Morrison

The Youngest Morrison, is still in School. Aaron is an avid Golfer in School and outside of it. He goes between both Charlotte locations to assist his Sister and Brother in Staffing as needed. Aaron's Passion in addition to Golf is Cooking and he has expressed a desire to create new Nana's Menu items in the future. He looks forward to running his own location to carry on the Family Tradition. Coming to work with his Parents since age 5, he has been indoctrinated and vested in Growth from the bottom up. Aaron has a keen attention to detail and has had the benefit of trial and error experience as he grows within the Organization.

Each Sibling shares in the Family's vision of success and is anxious to implement all the expansions with equal commitment to grow. They all share the desire to constantly improve on Quality, Customer Service and Brand Recognition.

Morrison's family